Interior Design – Decorating in Luscious Orange

As much as I hate the cold, I do love autumn colours.  As October seems to be Pumpkin month, I decided to look up pictures of interiors with orange colour schemes.  What I found are some truly luscious interiors!  Orange can be done fresh and juicy or warm and cosy or as an electrifying punch in a monochrome scheme.  Here is an outdoor patio where orange plays a cheerful and inviting accent colour.  Yet with dim lighting the orange accents is nearly matching the warm pine wood.


In this room the orange wallpaper instantly transforms this mainly beige bedroom into a pretty bright relaxing retreat.

orange wallpaper

The bedroom below has just two accent pieces in orange that plays up the melons depicted in the picture on the wall.  The owner can simply exchange the throw and cushion for a different colour to change the look.


The owner of the next bedroom went for the dramatic by painting the walls orange.  Try and picture this same bedroom with beige walls and you get the idea what a terrific difference this makes.


We have mainly seen orange used with beige and brown furnishings but just look how lovely it looks paired with grey in this nursery below.  So cute and modern!


Orange in the  bathroom? Of course!  Love those tiles with the orange painted wall above it!

orange bathroom

How about an orange kitchen?  These orange cupboard doors really pack a punch next to the dusky grey.

mia arancio

mia arancio

Here you have a kitchen with a bold orange paired with white cupboards looking fresh and modern.  This is not at all like the 70’s orange kitchen your grandmother may have had.

orange kitchen

Here’s my favourite orange kitchen!  Pairing it with dark brown wood gives it an updated traditional family feel to it.


Such a stunning living room using a bit of orange and mixing it with some green and blue as well.  Btw, blue and orange make for a great up-lifting colour combination in interior decorating.


I might never have considered orange for a formal dining room until now.  The orange walls pick up the orange splashes in that gorgeous rug.  So there you have it!  No matter which room you are decorating in the house and no matter what your design style preference is, orange can be a fabulous choice!

orange dining


7 thoughts on “Interior Design – Decorating in Luscious Orange

  1. My aesthetic sense has been greatly heightened by all of your interior design posts. There is something so soothing to the mind to see colors and shapes in such beauty and harmony. Love the post. 🙂

    • Thanks Sonya! I love colours. Looking at pictures like these wakes me up and gets me moving in the morning. I am really inspired by the dining room myself. We’re hoping to move next year so hopefully I will have a formal dining room to decorate then! 😀

  2. Great pictures. I am totally like you, hate the cold, dark and gloom of this time of year, but love the autumn colours. Using that as inspiration and adding colour to your home is a great idea. I particularly love the outdoor patio, neutral bedroom with orange highlights and the bathroom. I am a fan of neutral schemes on the whole, but love a pop of colour to tie a scheme together and add a touch of character – feature furniture/painted pieces or upholstered chairs can work well in this instance or simple accessorizing. Great post – thank you :O)

  3. Before my daughter came home (adopted from Kenya) I painted her room pumpkin orange. I had no idea what her personality would be, but it suits her perfectly! No sweet quiet pink for this girl. Lots of white balances the vitality of the color. I really enjoyed all the different accent combinations that you included – orange is a full-of-life color.

    • Wonderful! When we had our first au pair from Italy, I asked her what her favourite colour was and when she said it was orange, I decorated her room with orange. People who like orange tend to be very sociable, warm and fun-loving. 😀

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