Rocking Chairs–Not Just For Grannies!

When we think of rocking chairs, we often think of something our grandmothers may have used.  Many people who hold to the idea that our home décor is important sometimes wouldn’t dream of adding a rocking chair. The image that may come up is something that is rather old-fashioned.  The most commonly sold place that sells rocking chairs are places that sell baby accessories.  Perhaps, the only time we may consider buying a rocking chair is when we have or are expecting a baby.  The image then changes to a nurturing image of mother and baby and a blanket all cosy up in a rocking chair while mother gently sings a lullaby.  However, if our home décor is modern and we like to keep it that way, we may hesitate getting a rocking chair even for the noble purpose of rocking are little one because we feel it will take away from the look we are trying to create in our home.  Well guess what?  Rocking chairs have come a long way and can be found in a range of styles and colours to suit anyone’s style.


Available through

For instance, this leather sling rocking chair from etsy.  It is handmade out of steel and leather and is available for £416.00.

This quirky but comfortable chair is called the Dim Sum and is available through Montis for 1.675 euros (plus VAT).  It comes in a choice of colours and fabric including leather.  I think this would look so cute in a child’s nursery but I’m sure it would also work in a living room or office depending on your style.

The above rocker is called Rock Me and is by Italian designer Alessandra Baldereschi.   It is available through Seletti in a range of colours for about $459 in the US or £200 in the UK.

The Kartell Comback Rocking Chair By Patricia Urquiola is available from heals for £406.00.  The seat and back is made from a single mould of techno polymer thermo plastic while the legs are from oak stained ash wood.

I really like this comfortable looking statement piece by Radis.  Its called the G Rocking Chair and is available through Wayfair for £307.59 offered in a range of colours.

Poang by Ikea

Poang by Ikea

This is a reasonable priced modern rocking chair by Ikea for only £140.  It comes in a range of fabric and wood colours including some patterned fabrics.

Ribbon Rocking Chair by Katie Walker

Ribbon Rocking Chair by Katie Walker

I think this is my favourite of the modern rocking chairs I have found.  It is called Ribbon and it was created in 2005 by designer Katie Walker.  Constructed using a single continuous band of laminated rippled ash with saddle leather seat on a stainless frame.  For more information go to:  I believe it’s available through commission only.

Now, if your style is more traditional or eclectic you may prefer the one below.

Thonet Rocking Chair

I love this one for its curves.  Makes me think of fairy tales (and you know how I love those!)  Great if you prefer a rocker without the arm rests getting in the way. This one is actually an antique and is available at for $1750 usd.



This one is not an antique but it would certainly fit fine next to your other antique furniture or in your country décor.  It is handmade in India using Sheesham wood and covered in melamine.  You can order it through  However, the price is not disclosed.  You will have to contact them for more details.

I saved my personal favourite for last.

This is an amazingly gorgeous antique (circa 1835 to 1890) available at the moment through  It is known as a Winfield chair and it has been newly upholstered in leather.  The legs are gold lacquered tubular brass with cast and silvered foliate infill.  It can be purchased at the reasonable price of £24,000.00….I know I know not something we can all afford.

So whether your style is modern, traditional, Scandinavian, romantic, antique or eclectic, there is a rocking chair for you.


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