The Juicing Controversy

It’s funny how when something  becomes trendy there always seem to be some who want to challenge that trend.  Take juicing for instance, it’s a growing trend,  the sale of juicers are higher than ever and yet there are some people who are saying it’s a dangerous thing.  When did fruits and vegetables become dangerous?  It takes quite a bit of fruits and vegetables to make a glass of juice and all that produce gives you loads of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.  So why the controversy?  For one thing, it isn’t really better than eating the whole fruit and vegetables if you are eating the same amount as what you would put in your juicer.  Another argument is that eating the whole fruit gives you much more fibre which helps your digestive system and helps you feel fuller longer.  There is also the issue that all those fruits and vegetables it takes to make juice gives you a lot more calories which can cause you to gain weight.  However, if you are not a big fan of eating raw fruits and vegetables or you only eat a small amount a day then you are losing out on all those important nutrients and you are probably eating more of the food which lacks nutrients.  It has also been scientifically proven that you can lose weight if you are on a liquid diet.  I knew someone who had to have jaw surgery and couldn’t eat solid food.  She didn’t go the healthy route by drinking fresh juice unfortunately.  What she ate was custard and she lost weight!  I am not advocating at all to stop eating solids in order to lose weight but if you are on a diet, you can choose to replace one  meal a day with a healthy fresh vegetable juice and you will see the pounds/grams/stones come off.  Also, if you have a good quality juicer, you will get lots of fibre in your juice.  Juicers work by shredding the vegetables and fruit.  Some of the fibre goes into a container in the back while some of it ends in your juice.  You can always add more fibre to your juice or use the leftover bits in muffins or breads or soups and casseroles.

I do try mainly to eat my veggies in solid form but I find often that when I do, I only eat a small amount because I’m not a big fan.  I like salad greens and vegetable stews and soups but if you serve me a portion of plain unseasoned vegetables than I won’t eat very much of it.  I like some fruit such as mango and raspberries but not much of anything else unless its cooked which then kills a lot of the nutrients.  This is why juicing is a great option for me.  One glass of juice is a power-pack of nutrients.  I never have just plain fruit juice.  I always make my juice with vegetables.  Here are two I make the most often.


pineapple spinach

Juice peeled and chopped pineapples, a few apples, a bag of spinach in your juicer and then add the juice of 1 lemon.



pineapple juice

So far this is the only juice my daughter Brianna likes and she says she hates pineapple!


My favourite is a mixture of fresh beets, apples, an inch of peeled ginger and a load of carrots.


I don’t have an exact recipe but I usually put around 7 carrots.  Bare in mind this is enough juice for me, my husband and two of my kids.

beetroot juice

I love ginger but you can use a bit less or more to taste.  Warning:  Beets can turn some people’s urine pink.  My son told me it’s only about 10% of the population.  I’m not sure but don’t panic if this happens to you the next day.

The great thing about making your own juice is that there are hundreds of juice combinations you can make.  You can suit your own taste and throw any time of fruits and vegetables you want into your juicer.  When it comes to adding soft berries, you will have to whiz them in your blender as it doesn’t work to try and juice them.  Also citrus fruits can only be juiced in a citrus juicer or by hand. You can even make your juice into a smoothie by putting it in a blender with some bananas and berries and a bit of low fat plain yoghurt and some honey if you want it sweeter.

In summary, juicers can be expensive.  The one I use is by Phillips and it was about £70 which isn’t one of the most expensive but I think it works great.  There is never a wrong time of year to try juicing.  As the colder weather is coming so do loads of colds, flus and viruses.  Juicing is a great way to boost your immune system.  When you start, you will almost instantly begin to feel healthier and lighter!



4 thoughts on “The Juicing Controversy

  1. Hmm, I may just give it a try. Juicing has always seemed like a lot of work to me, but I think the benefits would outweigh the effort. Excellent post! 🙂

    • A couple of tips: Get a juicer that is easy to clean. The one I have by Phillips comes with a soft brush for cleaning the grater inside. Another tip is if you are going to have it first thing in the morning, prepare everything the night before so you even your half-awake brain can find it easy to juice. My last tip is if can, keep your juicer on the counter rather than in your cupboard, that way you don’t dread struggling to get it out and it’s not out of sight/ out of mind.

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