My Last Days On Earth

My morning reflections brought me to my impending death.  No, I don’t have an incurable illness but I am going to die some day.  We all are.  We know this but we don’t often think about it.  I suppose part of the reason is that we all have a built in mechanism of some sort that keeps our minds from dwelling on it.  That mechanism is pretty handy because not only does it keep us from living in fear of dying but it works so well that we often think of the most inconsequential things in our lives as important.

  • What’s for dinner?
  • I must remember to buy more staples!
  • Why is that cup lying there?
  • Oh no!  My skin looks terrible today!
  • That picture frame seems a bit crooked.

And so on….


I often wonder why we all do it.  Why aren’t we aware all the time that life is temporal?  Why do we waste our time and energy on matters so small?

Many of us have asked the question, ‘If we were to die tomorrow, how would we spend our last day on Earth?’  If you seriously asked yourself this question right now, what would happen?  Would you start thinking of all the things you wanted to do in life but never did? Would you start to get angry at how many minutes, hours, days, years of your life you’ve wasted?  Would your body tense up, head throb, heart sink?  Now what are you doing?  You’ve now begun to waste your last day on earth stressing out about what you haven’t done!  What if life isn’t about going after the things we want in life?  What if life isn’t about having a beautiful home, a new car, a loving relationship, the perfect job?  What if life is simply a gift where we revel in experiencing whatever comes our way?  Every one of us is a pure spirit having an earthly experience.  In a way, we’re simply on holiday.  Some vacations are great, some are pretty awful but most fluctuate from great to awful to somewhere in-between and back again.  We never really know what’s going to happen next.  However, what is constant is our spirit.  Our spirit is the immortal part of us which is made from one Divine Consciousness which many of us refer to as God.  It’s who we really are.  When we begin to grow spiritually, we often begin by recognizing this truth.  The hardest thing to remember is to recognize this spirit in every one we meet.  What would happen, if we spent our last day on Earth seeing this light, this pure spirit in everyone?  My guess is we would begin to interact with individuals in love; seeing the good and pure potential in everyone. We’d hang unto their every word, smiling at them because it’s our last chance to interact with an earthly being.  They would also respond in kind and start seeing your spirit as well.  We would also be willing to freely give aid wherever and whenever we see the need. The knowledge of our death has now become a great gift.  Our last day on earth is spent being positive and seeing loving spirits in every encounter.  How wonderful!

Must we wait so long?  Must we wait till we know we are doing to begin having a life of pure joy?  After all, we are not always given warnings about our death.

Today, I have decided to play a trick on myself.  I am telling myself this is my last day on earth.  Obviously, I know it most likely isn’t so I am still going to the hair dresser’s and I am still going to work.  My day will go on as previously planned but for one difference…I will aim to truly see the pure spirit in every one I meet.  I will be asking with my heart, ‘How can I help?’ every step of the way.  I will aim to learn to love more fully than I have ever loved before.  What a great experiment!  I am hoping this will be a daily practice that will eventually become second nature.  I know I will probably fail many times, but I will aim to not let that keep me down.  I will just have to start again. I now end with the Sanskrit word ‘Namaste’ which is commonly translated as ‘The spirit in me recognizes and bows to the spirit in you.’  I love that word and seldom use it for fear of it becoming devalued.  It is too beautiful and meaningful a word to overuse.  Namaste.



2 thoughts on “My Last Days On Earth

  1. The question you raised is indeed a question that is often pushed to the back of our minds for the purposes of daily living. To live each day as if it were the last would be challenging but I think highly rewarding. I wish you the best of luck with your experiment and hope to hear updates on it in the future! Excellent post. 🙂

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