What do your Interiors say about you?

We often see people dress in a way that reflects their personality or what they what to present to the world.  What you may not realize is that our homes are also a reflection on us.  How you decorate your home may not currently reflect who you really are if you haven’t given it much thought.  However, those who have visited you in the past may have come to some conclusions about you due to your interior style or… ahem…lack of.  Sometimes it pays to take a good look around.  If you are pretty happy with things, then try my tunnel vision trick I give in my past blog post An Easy Way To Figure Out Your Interior Design Needs.  However, if any of your rooms are seriously out of date like this one, then it is definitely time to do some redecorating.

Another problem that happens often is when you have chosen the wrong shade of paint and because of the amount of time and effort it may have caused you, you decide to live with it for a while…or years.  I’ve done it, a friend of mine has done it, we see it in decorating shows on TV and obviously the person who painted the room below has done it too.

It isn’t just the colour of the paint that is wrong with this room.  It’s the rug, the dark furniture, the strange choice of storage and well, you can see for yourself.  It’s a sad room.  Let’s look at some better ones to appease our aesthetic eyes.


That’s better!  What does this say about the person who’s home this is?  Would this be your home?  They have some symmetry going on with the plants, lamps and tumblers.  Perhaps they prefer things more balanced in life? Perhaps they love things to be very tidy? The painting and the ottoman seem traditional.  The books positioned close to the sofa denotes the owner loves to read.  Cream rug and white stripes on the sofa feels clean.

Home And Garden Magazine

Home And Garden Magazine

Dried flowers, natural materials, crystal on the mantle,  statues of animals and a flower…this person who lives here seems to be a nature lover.  The room looks like it belongs to a warm, thoughtful person.



There is something about this room that implies a spiritual, tactile person.



This owner obviously loves fashion. She also likes her space clean and open with a bit of quirky thrown in!

World Of Interiors Magazine

World Of Interiors Magazine

Lots of muted colours using natural dyes, fabrics and paints.  There is also a stone table, candles in the chandelier and a rattan seat rocking chair.  This owner loves basics and all things natural.  Perhaps a bit Bohemian?  Loves to travel?

World Of Interiors magazine

World Of Interiors magazine

What can we say about this owner?  This is really thinking outside of the box–the gift box to be exact!  And why not view your space as a gift to yourself?  This is so eclectic and quirky.  There are quite a lot of floral elements.  A few antiques too.  This person likes to mix and match.  Must be an artist of some kind, don’t you think?

What’s your personality?  Does your interior style reflect this or have you copied someone else’s style?  Why not look for some new items to add but only buy what you really truly love and reflect you!  I have got some reflecting of my own to do….


5 thoughts on “What do your Interiors say about you?

  1. Wow, so many great designs. I have no idea which one I like the most. I shudder to think what my interiors say about me. Love the post and pictures! 🙂

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