Mirror Frame Upcycle

Today I designated craft day!  I had bought this mirror with a wide unfinished wooden frame from a charity shop for 25p and it was waiting for me for months to do something with it.

Plain wooden frame

I had talked to my daughter Brianna who’s 13 about making it for her bedroom.  One of Brianna’s favourite colour is purple.  I decided to do a decoupage using tissue paper.


The colours are purple, violet and teal.  Next I tore it into pieces for the decoupage.


Brianna is crazy about dragons!  So I sourced some pictures on google images to also use in the decoupage.

0f7be13f184ede8aa10afa864d778363 763ded6437ac9a04e09f32ecccbf38ef



I tore bits off of the pictures as well to add to the decoupage feel of it.  Then I used Mod Podge to paste it onto the frame.

decoupaging a frame

I added several coats of the mod podge which gave it a nice glossy finish.  I then added some pretty pearlescent type faux stones and some jewellery pendants which I found at my local Hobby Craft.




And here is the finished result:

Decoupage mirror frame

As mentioned in my other decoupage post, Brianna loves the story of Alice In Wonderland.  Can you spot the Cheshire Cat?


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