Thoughts On Love And Transformation


This morning I was gently reminded by God of the importance of love.  Love is such a common word.  We misuse the word love and limit its meaning. I have lately been feeling God nudge me over and over asking me to focus on love.  I think I know that love is everything.  I think I know that love transforms.  I think I know that God is love.  Still I hear that gentle whisper, “Look closer.  Look deeper still.”  As hard as I keep trying, with a heavy heart I keep getting the sense that I don’t really get the full meaning of love at all.  At times I feel God’s love for me in a way that feels as if the universe inhabits my heart and I think, “Wow! This is love!  Still that gentle whisper I hear, “Look deeper. It’s more than this.”

Earlier today as I was contemplating love some more, my mind led to my own feelings of love.  I love my children.  They mean the world to me. Yet why does my love look so limited?  Why is this beautiful, joyfulness of full love that I feel for them seem so contained?  Part of the answer comes to me in the form of another question: Why do I not tap into the love that I feel often enough?  God is love.  Unlike us, he doesn’t need to turn a tap on to let love flow.  His love flows constantly.  What would happen if we kept love flowing all the time?  Imagine all of us allowing love to flow through us every second.  My mind boggles at the thought.

A small example of this love came to me as my mind wandered briefly. A dog runs into the road and gets hit by a car.  He is crying out in pain. A crowd of people rush to him concerned.  He needs help and he needs it fast.  Someone calls the emergency paramedics who come quickly and rush him to the nearest animal hospital or perhaps one of the neighbours who may not even know this dog gently lifts it and takes it to the hospital.  This may seem like a strange example to use.  It seems small.  It’s just a dog. However, if the human race was flowing in love, we would all be acknowledging the importance of the lives of every creature.  We would automatically feel a surge of love for that dog and have empathy and want to help.

“Look deeper still.”

Perhaps, if we were fully loving, this dog wouldn’t need a hospital.  We would be able to heal it ourselves.  Perhaps love is as big as that.  This is just one possible example of the transformative power of love.  Of course

  • There would be no war
  • No poverty
  • No abusive behaviour
  • No substance abuse
  • No depression ( who would feel depressed if they were feeling loved all the time by everyone?)

My thoughts dip down a bit.  Would love spiral?  Would we get used to love that we minimise its importance again?  We are human after all.  No.  I think real transformative, Godly love would be so tangible that we would always be aware of how big it is.

Sometimes, it feels like a curse to be human.  Today, I want to go forth in love.  I am fearful however that my humanness, my forgetfulness, my inability to keep my mind from wandering will cause me to lose focus.  My aim is to try and look at love as a muscle I need to build.  If I fail, I will start again.

I invite you all to join me today and everyday to practice going forth in love.  I think by doing so, we will get a deeper meaning of what love truly is…Who Love truly is.  We may not be able to completely change the world but we can make a bigger difference in the lives we touch.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts On Love And Transformation

  1. Your children are so beautiful. And your dog looks like the sweetest, cuddliest dog. This is very profound writing about something we all believe we understand in our own way. If love cannot change the world, then I do not know what can. Excellent post.

  2. I enjoyed your reflections 🙂 I guess to be human means to experience lack of love at times to understand fully what it is to experience love. Our higher self know how to love purely and completely and to receive the constant flow of love that our human selfs block. Namaste x

    • Hi Lindsay Thanks for responding. I don’t know if anyone can experience total lack of love. Sometimes we may feel unloved but we usually feel we love someone don’t we? I do agree with you that it is our human selves that blocks pure love. It is also the constant busyness in our lives and in our heads distracting us. Our higher selves knows the way and is our mediator to God’s love. My instinct is telling me I am only seeing love dimly and that it is actually more profound. Love is expansive. If I keep pursuing pure love, it will continue to grow (I hope). Love can join all of us. Namaste Xx

  3. Great post. I can completely relate to the oscillations in the thought process. Echoes of my own recent days. Probably of many, many people. I love that you came to the conclusion that our love could heal the dog, because I actually think that is a common feeling as well- that awareness of Love’s true potential that we possess. I don’t think our humanity is a curse… I think Jesus showed us we can flood our humanity with Love, and render it transparent… so that we each become windows into God’s heart… and that is the art we are daring to accept is our own. Michael

    • Michael that was so beautifully put. What a positive message! I think if we can just strive to grow in love our love will expand. We will never reach the level of God’s perfect love but we can certainly have it as our model.

  4. I too have often found myself emerged in these same thoughts. I wonder at times if we ourselves have imprisoned the love that we’ve been given in that we claim to have ownership over it. Have we delegated love to reside in an emotional box in the limited confines of our minds? I’m not sure. I mean we can just as easily say we love pizza as we say we love our child. Not with the same intellectual intensity, but from the same intellectual well. If kept in our minds we can decide who to love and who not to love, when to give it freely and when to withhold it. Perhaps we have confined love in an emotion because we have confined God in an emotion. Perhaps we really can “grow” our love to fill every nook and cranny of our humanness . But even the thought still implies we own it… choose whether to grow it or not.

    I wonder…..since the love God has given to us is without measure….it can only flow within our hearts and never be contained. I wonder if we allow that current to sweep through us continuously rather than trying to hold it up and trying to redirect in directions of our making, if we might not experience love in fullness…..remembering that in love’s fullness comes not only joy unspeakable, but sorrow without depth. At times love can be as a meandering stream winding its way through a meadow of flowers. At other times it can be as a raging river crashing over jagged rocks. But….love is never….ever….standing still.

    I believe we can indeed experience love in its fullness…..I believe we unknowingly experience it every single day we live and breath…..because for not one moment of our life does God withhold, in the slightest measure, His love towards us. We just need to learn to be a conduit of what is His….of what He is. And every time the cares of this world builds a dam….we tear it down….and let that river continue to flow. Those dams will always try to form….but if we remain diligent and relentless….we have been given the fullness of love to experience in fullness love.

    And then…..yes…..and then….we will be known by our love.


    • Hi Duane Thank you for your thoughtful response. I love your thoughts on us being a conduit for God’s love. You have given me more to think about. Love is energy. It does need to flow therefore, we shouldn’t just contain it within our hearts. Great thoughts! 😀

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