Decorating Ideas For Autumn


Autumn always brings back memories for me of my childhood.  Growing up in the states means long summer vacations so that when school restarts it becomes something to look forward to.  Honestly, I detested school with a passion but there is something about new notebooks, pencil cases, pens and notepads to get you looking forward to it.  Everything is new and clean with no ink marks or smudgy pencil stains. It feels like you’re starting over and life is full of new and good possibilities.  Then autumn comes and the air is fresher and the leaves turn colour and suddenly all the fun holidays are just around the corner.  Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and then…CHRISTMAS!

But let’s stick with one thing at a time.  Autumn…the colours are gorgeous and I just want to bring the outside in!  Here are some ideas I have been collecting to start decorating for autumn.

So simple and beautiful!  I think I may be able to get all the materials from my local Hobby Craft!  If the metal lanterns are cheaper, I can always choose to spray paint them.

Hazelnuts!  This idea would work right through till Christmas!

Ahhhh!  Cinnamon sticks!  I love those minature pumpkins and pine cones!  Simple!

seedsPumpkin seeds and real autumn leaves!



How great is this door sway!?  You can try and make a similar one or purchase this exact one at

Love this!  I haven’t bought into the whole birdcage thing for decorating but this is great!  It appeals to mystical side of me.  The vine reminds me of disused buildings being over run by vines, like sleeping beauty’s castle.


I am definitely doing this one!  So simple and both flowers and pumpkin can be bought at my local supermarket!

Happy Autumn!


4 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas For Autumn

  1. You had me hyperventilating when you went from autumn to Christmas in two lines, but you brought it back round to autumn again right after, so I don’t have to do my Christmas shopping just yet, although I probably should get started soon. These are beautiful ideas for fall decorations, and although I do not decorate myself, I really love the aesthetic appeal, not to mention creativity, of the designs and concepts. I think you should start your own interior decorating magazine as you lay the pictures out and describe them so wonderfully.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Sonya! You go over the top in encouraging me. I have to be careful not to let it go to my head, LOL! Decorating can be a chore. Try adding one small thing to your house. Make it something that is meaningful to you. Or get something that is soo incredibly quirky but so you. Something that can be a conversation piece. Something that makes you smile 🙂

  2. some pretty good ideas,I would always wonder what do I do with those little tiny pumpkins and gourds? they are so pretty, now I know whta to do with them, thanks. love the reef on the door idea, too

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