Your Body, Your Health



There is a lack of care in health care.  There is a lack of humanity in the distribution of diagnosis.  When a doctor looks at a person there is often a sense that the person is not really being viewed.  The doctor sees only a list of symptoms needing fixing. If the doctor finds it hard to give a diagnosis, then more tests need to be done.  It doesn’t matter how young or old this person is or whether they are strong enough to undergo these tests. It doesn’t matter how degraded these tests make them feel or what pain it costs them because the doctor needs to get to the bottom of things. If your pet is suffering, you can make the loving decision to put them to rest. If a human being is suffering, they are treated as if they are not living, feeling creatures.  Therefore it is okay to go through degradation and pain in order for the right prescriptions to be written up to prolong their lives no matter whether it would be worth living or not.

Here in the UK, I am hearing more and more stories of over-prescribed medicine.  Often the reason is given that the doctor is simply not looking over their patients’ medical history close enough.  I am not surprised by this. Visits to doctors here means you register at a ‘surgery’ (clinic) which has several doctors looking over 10,000 patients (at least that is what the sign says at the surgery I go—they have over 10,000 patients).  An appointment is given where the aim is not to exceed ten minutes (my past appointments have only lasted 1-2 minutes).  The doctor relies on the patient to fill them in on what is happening as they may not have the same doctor who saw them on the previous appointment.  The doctors keep their eyes on the computer screen while skimming over your appointment history barely acknowledging your answers.  Usually they either ask you what you would like done as far as treatment or they tell you this is what you have to do without really explaining why.

Not all doctors are bad people.  Some really do see us as human beings and do care. Some don’t know any other way to help except through the frost-like arctic of traditional western medicine.   We can make choices however. For some it requires an element of faith and courage to try something different; to take control of one’s own health.

Human beings are triune people.  We are body, soul and spirit (or mind, body and spirit).  To be whole, all three aspects of our humanity must be integrated.  In health, when our mind, emotions or spirits are not well it often results in our body not being well.  In order to heal ourselves holistically we need to heal ourselves first from the source of what has caused us to be unwell in the first place.  Sometimes traditional medicine is the answer.  More often than not, natural healing can be the safest remedy. It does take some research if you are trying to heal yourself but there are also Naturopathic Doctors who you can seek for more professional advice.  If you live in the UK and money is tight, it isn’t easy making the decision to pay for your health care when the NHS is free.
You may have to think however if you are paying in another way.  If you choose to only use traditional western medicine, my advice would be to find a doctor who makes you feel safe and cared for.  Don’t go with one that feels like a bully or shows a lack of respect.  What I do is find out first from the NHS doctor what they think I have and what their advice is.  Afterwards, I make my own decision as to how I want to heal. I have used herbs for years for an assortment of ills.  I have used acupuncture and have found it to be very effective.  I have only used three different homeopathy remedies but they all worked.  I have used supplements and have seen the proof often enough to know they can be an important part of maintaining health.  Having a good nutritional diet  is crucial to good health.  The important thing to remember is that when it comes to your health, YOU are in control.


2 thoughts on “Your Body, Your Health

  1. You are so right about the “lack of care in health care”. I don’t know how if it is because they become desensitized to the human condition or because they have excellent compartmentalization skills, or some other reason. I have heard that police officers will make jokes at a suicide scene as a way to cope with the sometimes appalling methods used. Whatever the reason, I agree that it is important to be proactive about one’s own health and take control. Diet is the easiest thing to control when it comes to good health, so I will work on this myself. 🙂

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