Glamorous Ceiling Lights

Time to take a break from some serious minded posts and return once more to feeding our hungry eyes with some design beauties!  These are the ceiling lights interior dreams are made of!

The first few images are from Wired:






monastery from Hudson Furniture

monastery from Hudson Furniture

Chain mail pieces for a chandelier! Yes!


My favourite from Hudson Furniture.  Its huge!


This is the matching wall light but I couldn’t resist adding it here.  So gorgeous!

Shane Reilly San Francisco

Shane Reilly San Francisco

So stunning!

This is just a shade but I think it is so classy. Its by Gung Lea.

Charles EdwardsBy Charles Edwards.  Love!

ceAlso by Charles Edwards.


By Jamb.  Of course!

 This is actually from the 1960’s.  It is all copper plated and its by Hans Agne Jakobsson. Isn’t it stunning?

Corbett Lighting Dolcetti Transitional Crystal Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Corbett Lighting Dolcetti Transitional Crystal Flush Mount Ceiling


By Design Lladro

By Design Lladro

This is made of 300 porcelain fairies!  I didn’t even know Lladro did interiors!

I had the pleasure of seeing some of these in person.  They are by a company called Slamp and they are so beautiful!

I love the design possibilities for this! This can be found on Etsy and it is hand made.


Believe it or not, this is made from Velcro!

dogforkThis was made using vintage glass fishing floats and it is by Dogfork.

diy pearl lamp shadeAnd finally for all you up-cyclist there, this pearl lamp shade is hand made.  Instructions can be found on


3 thoughts on “Glamorous Ceiling Lights

  1. Seeing all these beautiful ceiling lights makes me want to be one. I could live with just being admired while hanging from the ceiling…for a day. Love the lights! 🙂

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