The Simplicity of God



What is it about the concept of God that makes Him so hard to understand?  What is it about the love of God that makes it so hard to grasp?  What is it about having a relationship with God that makes Him so hard to sense?  It is because it is so simple.

God is everywhere; in everything; in everyone. Look at the words.  They are simple.

God loves each and every one of us.  So profound, yet so simple.

He calls us because he yearns for us.  So wonderfully deep but so simple.

If you say these words to a child, they would get it right away. They might even nod their heads or shrug their shoulders because they have heard it before.  They have already understood and may have accepted these truths.  Jesus said you have to be like a child to see because truth is simple.

Something peculiar happens when we grow up. We obtain more knowledge and yet we suddenly find it difficult to grasp the simple truths of God’s love for us.  We sometimes think we understand but then we say things that prove we don’t get God’s love at all. When we fail, we suddenly get thoughts in our heads that God has probably stopped loving us. We try to pray or meditate and we are not feeling His presence so we think He is far away from us or we must be doing something wrong.

We live in a world where people are living as if they have to climb Mount Everest…and they never rest.  A lovely woman in our church last Sunday said we are becoming Human Doings instead of Human Beings.  We are forgetting that part of being in  a loving relationship is being patient and listening.  We have the joyful opportunity of being in a loving relationship with God but instead of patiently and quietly sitting and waiting at His feet we try to rush Him. We even try to make Him give us directions or talk to us instead of really listening and we wonder why it is so hard.  It is not hard.  it is simple.  He is our Beloved and we are His. Do you think he would have made it so hard for us to come to Him when He longs for us so much that He beckons us? Of course not. His love is greater than that.  It is simple.

If you want to know God’s love.  Accept the fact that He already loves you.

If you want to know God more, accept the fact that He will teach you.

Spend time alone with God and feel His love. Do not rush or force anything.  Just Be. be love. receive His love.  give Him love.  It’s simple.


3 thoughts on “The Simplicity of God

  1. Human Doings…that is so remarkably fitting. Things are only as simple as you want them to be. If you truly want things to be simple, you will create a life to reflect that. Another beautiful post. Very inspiring.

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