The World of Upcycling

What do you think when you hear the word up-cycling? A coat of new paint?  Some new knobs? Added ribbon?  For some of us, that is as far as we get.  For others….well let’s say they have the gift of thinking outside the box.




An old vase and some odds and ends and you have a table.



I really  have to try this one.  Take a wire planter–the kind that is used in hanging baskets and remove the mulchy bit and affix atop of a candlestick and voila! it’s a fruit bowl!


Old tv stand turned kids kitchen. I'm pretty sure there is still one of these in my parents basement gathering dust. Totally going to do this :)

Don’t you love this?  Take an old entertainment centre and transform it into a child’s play kitchen!



Tea Cup Upcycling:

It’s always time for tea with this saucer and teacup clock!

Wreath from Upcycled Sweaters

This Christmas wreath is made from old sweaters!

Upcycles toy cars

Old matchbox cars!!



The Salvage Gallery at Corn Hill Fest - Upcycled silverware flowers:

Up-cycled silverware flowers!



Upcycled lamp transformation

This was made using two litre soda bottles!

Cola 30 - Plastic Bottle Ceiling Light

So was this!  The bottles were sandblasted to change it from transparent to white!


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