Sheer Genius Interior Decorating Ideas

I love getting inspiration from books, magazines, google images, pinterest and fellow bloggers.  I have been compiling a board on pinterest of some the most amazing creative interior decors I have seen.

Fireplace headboard

A Fireplace Mantle Mirror used as a headboard! Picture this room without it and you realize just how much grandeur this really adds to the room!


One of the most opulent bathrooms I have ever seen!  I love the use of colour and the combination of modern and Moroccan influence.


Not only is this room absolutely sweet, it actually solves for what is most a decorating dilemma…where to place furniture when there two windows.  Don’t you love how the canopies over the beds double as curtain windows?  Genius!



I love this!  I want this!  The TV is hidden inside the back wall of the aquarium then raised via remote control.  Love this idea!


Isn’t this magnificent?  The bird is painted on the ceiling!

And how about this ceiling?!




Have you ever seen anything like it?

I know this is simple but I just love the chocolate brown wall with the shelving.  So simple but elegant!

Look at the dark wall and yet it still manages to look light and airy!


Abigail Ahern’s room.  I love how she pulls off dark walls and makes large rooms cosier!


This is a restaurant but how gorgeous is this?!  I love the umbrellas on the ceiling!


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