Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – A Book Review


Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom has been my bible for feminine health for 15 years now.  Like the bible, this is quite a hefty book full of very useful information and wisdom on the subject of women’s health. The author is a practicing OB/Gyn (Obstetrician and Gynecologist) of over 25 years who believes that when it comes to healing we need to acknowledge the unity of our mind, body, spirit and emotions.  There are three parts to this book.  Part One: From External Control to Inner Guidance explains patriarchal myth in medicine which she also refers to as addiction then leads on to an explanation of the chakras with an extremely helpful chart on energy anatomy and how different mental and emotional issues affect different organs.  I have had this page bookmarked for years as I refer to it often.  She goes through the inner guidance and gives case histories of women who took charge of their healing by going through their family and/or personal histories and worked through their emotions using their own personal wisdom and intuition. Part2: The Anatomy of Women’s Wisdom gives medical explanations on all sorts of female health issues and the workings of our feminine body parts and how to go about healing different issues such as fibroids, endometriosis, cysts etc.  The healing methods are a wonderful intelligent combination of east meets west.  Dr. Northrup is not against western medicine but believes in making use of many other alternatives which are available to us such as acupuncture, natural hormone replacement, diet and nutrition. Thanks to part two of this book, I was able to use her methods to shrink two fibroids I have from 4.5 cm each to 2 cm after being told by a doctor that fibroids don’t shrink!  I did it using a combination of natural progesterone cream, castor oil packs, life-style change and acupuncture. Part 3: Choices For Healing: Creating Your Own Personal Plan has a health inventory which Dr. Northrup uses with her own patients. It goes through your health and family history, past medical conditions, your symptoms and your stresses in different areas of your life. After the questionnaire it then takes you through to sorting your beliefs and asks you questions about your life’s purpose, the importance of respecting your emotions and your body and the many steps to healing which are partly spiritual in nature.  There is a chapter on getting the most out of medical care and another on nutrition and exercise.  It is brimming with helpful information.  Another thing I can say about this book is that even though it is big and medical it is not in the least boring.  I keep this on my night table and I don’t think there has been a week that has gone by, when I haven’t picked it up.  There may be one or more things that some people will find objectionable such as her belief in women’s choice in abortion or that some people may not be open to the mind/body connection in health.  I highly recommend that every woman over 20 has this book as a reference as most women will go through some gynaecological health problems some time in their life.


3 thoughts on “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – A Book Review

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