Reaching Higher


What do you really, really want?  It is the question that is often asked in order to determine what our goals are in life.  If you really want something, recognize it, call it and go for it.  Isn’t that what the ‘experts’ tell us?  In my previous post, Delighting in God, we looked at the scripture verse Psalm 37:4 which says: Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  In that post I stated that when we practice delighting in God, we begin to desire new things.  What then becomes the desires of our heart?

When the book The Secret first came out, many people began to learn of a theory that although was not a new concept, it had never  been known by any particular title before…The Law of Attraction.  In brief, the law of attraction is a theory that we can attract anything we want into our lives.  It is referred to as a law because the belief is that God has placed this law into existence just like other laws such as the law of gravity.  In another sense, the law of attraction is prayer with the added tool of using your imagination to believe you already have it which sounds biblical when you think of the verse Mathew 21:22: If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.  When people read the book, it resonates with them on so many levels because it sounds like answered prayer which many of us have experienced, the concept of it being a law set in place by God makes sense because it puts some of the responsibility to have our prayers answered on us and frees God from actually hearing every prayer and wish that every person ever asks for. Having read The Secret many years ago however, there was one aspect of it that was hard to swallow.  The book claims we can use the law of attraction to obtain wealth.  Most of us would like to be wealthy and I am not saying it isn’t possible to attract wealth but the book quotes lots of wealthy successful people who put a lot of emphasis on materialism.  We want…we can have…if we don’t have, we are not trying hard enough….keep imagining yourself driving that sports car, owning that house etc. I am not going to argue whether it is truth or not.  I would say the theory that God placed the law of attraction into place is a good working theory but the problem I have with it is the focus of material gain.  Let’s get real.  Despite what some people say, money can buy happiness.  There I said it.  However, happiness from material gain is temporary.  Happiness is also over-rated because it is often confused by the word joy. Happiness lasts as long as the good thing in your life that is giving you happiness lasts.  In other words, happiness lasts until the party is over. You can get over happiness in a split second when someone criticizes you or takes away your toy or your car brakes down or your house is flooded etc.  Joy is not happiness.  It is deeper.  It is not fleeting.  It is a feeling of utter contentment that can be felt even when things go wrong.  Joy can be euphoric.  It can even be ecstatic.  Do you want happiness or joy?

Several months ago, I made a list of things that I thought I really really wanted.  A new house, a new career etc etc.  Last night, I had an epiphany inspired by Wayne Dyer on Super Soul Sunday. I immediately wrote a new list of what I really desired in the form of who I am (or ready to be).

To name a few:

I am love.

I am tranquility.

I am growing spiritually at lightening speed.

I am eloquent.

I am God’s vessel.

I am joy.

I am creative.

I am mentally sharp.

I am affectionate.

I am passionate.

I am fearless.

I don’t remember the exact words to quote confidently but during the interview Wayne Dyer said something like where there is love, there is no fear and that St Francis was so filled with love that all the little animals and birds felt no fear around him and climbed all over him.  My immediate thought was, I want that!  I want to be so filled with love that whether I enter a room or a forest, fear disappears from others.  I shared this story with my husband and as I was talking got distracted by a moth flying around our bedroom and began to wave my arm at it.  We both looked at each other for a minute and then laughed.  I have a loooooong way to go!



6 thoughts on “Reaching Higher

  1. Lol I had to laugh at the bit about the moth. This resonates with me deeply. I agree with you completely about the difference between joy and happiness and that material wealth is not a true form of happiness in its transient and fleeting nature. It is important to clarify this difference and then compare it to what one believes will make them happy in life. Excellent post! 🙂

  2. I love this post! I see western culture obsessed with material gain and often equating the acquisition of things with God’s favor. But some of the most joyful people (love your clarification between happiness and joy) I have ever known live in tsome of the poorest places on earth – Mother Teresa nuns, pastors in slums, people who take in orphans in remote mountain villages. They know something we don’t! and I think you’re on to it! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment on this. I am aesthetic by nature so I do appreciate beautiful things. There is so much beauty around us to appreciate however that we don’t need to spend money on. I know you understand this being an artist. I find that the more we open our hearts to God, the more we love and also see the beauty within every person. Love grows and then joy happens. Your art work is really beautiful and inspiring. When I see someone working/creating/moving in spirit that also brings me joy!

      • I am so honored by your comments. I’ve found it so interesting that in the poorest places on earth where food is hard to come by, there is still effort to include beauty in homes. Like in Mathare Valley slum – a beautiful pattern on a piece of fabric, or a page torn from a calendar and displayed as art. I really believe that the human hunger for beauty was placed there by God and is like a treasure hunt that eventually leads us to His beautiful heart . Thank you for exploring and celebrating beauty in your blog! I look forward to learning more about you as I follow your blog. Many blessings to you!

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