My Multi-Frame Picture Project

Being an Interior Design student means learning about so many beautiful designer furnishings.  It can be so exciting drooling over the latest design trends.  It can be so inspiring as you dream and plan what you will implement in your own home. However, being an Interior Design student and unemployed can also be frustrating as it isn’t possible to buy designer trends.  Now add a large family (10 children between my husband and me) and having a mortgage and  one daughter getting married next year and another one going to university in a year etc etc.  BUT I have always been used to finding ways of doing things frugally.  Never cheap mind you.  I don’t believe in cheap!  I believe in healthy, nutritious meals and furnishings bought at a bargain.  I believe in up-cycling and using any method I can find to cut cost. So although I buy magazines which showcase interior designs for the rich and wealthy, I have recently also started buying magazines which give creative interior designs for those more budget conscious.  So when I spotted this multi-frame aperture in an ad from The Range at only £10, I knew I had to have it.  The frame is sort of a pewter effect, Victorian design which came with those little picture inserts so you could see what it would look like with your photos in it.  This came with black and white pictures of people who looked like they were from Victorian times.  I decided to use pictures of my family that had that same sort of feel to it.  Luckily I had some pictures of my children when they were younger that had a bit of a Victorian feel about them.   At first I thought of using sepia or black and white effect pictures.  The trouble was I didn’t have a pc program that did this kind of effect.  Then I discovered photobucket. I had heard about it but didn’t know what you could do on it.  Ooooohhhhh, I am now a photobucket addict!  It is great and its free and you can create all kinds of special effects and store it on the website.  After playing around with it, I decided to go for an effect that was more of a washed out look rather than total sepia or black and white.  It still gave an old-fashioned feel to it, but at least I can see the colour of my daughters’ red hair.


Now, here is another great part to this story.  When I first ordered the frame, it arrived broken in four places.  I phoned The Range and they sent a new one in a much bigger box with more padding which was great customer service.  They also told me I could dispose of the broken one as they didn’t feel it worth their expense to collect it.  My immediate thought was, SUPERGLUE!  My second thought was what was I going to do with two identical frames of this type?  Then I had the idea that of using it in my bedroom and spray-painting it in brass to match my dresser handles.  Once it was spray painted,  knew I had to use a different photobucket special effect to go with this strong colour.  This is where I really had fun, using special effects that gave the pictures intensity and vibrancy.  I think it looks great!



See how the strong colours really make the pictures pop? It helps the now brass almost gold frame not look too garish.


So £10 and a £7.99 can of spray paint gave me two multiframes and a chance to display more pictures of my gorgeous children!


One thought on “My Multi-Frame Picture Project

  1. Ten children, a mortgage, university, and a wedding…and yet you still manage to decorate your home in such beautiful, practical and resourceful ways. Incredible.

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