Delighting in God

Psalm 37:4

New International Version (NIV)

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.


I woke up this morning thinking about the first part of Psalm 34:4 and what it means to truly delight in God.  It is wonderful that the bible says that if we delight in God, we receive the desires of our heart however I find myself thinking about how do we delight in God.  God is after all the Divine, the Almighty.  We are hopefully grateful for all that we receive from Him but do we delight in Him?

When I think of all the ways I delight in other people the concept begins to get a bit clearer.  For example, think of someone who is a great conversationalist.  How do you delight in listening to that person?  Are you rapt in attention?  Laughing at their jokes? Applying their knowledge to your own life?  Are you so delighting in this person, that you ask them to come over for a meal or to meet for drinks?  Do you feel like you just can’t wait to introduce them to your friends?

How do you delight in a child?  When you take them out to the zoo or a farm and you see their eyes sparkling?  Don’t you just delight in the joy they are so obviously feeling?  When they laugh, do you find yourself laughing with them?


How about an artist—even one who is long gone such as one of the great impressionist?  The artist is no longer on earth but their paintings are hanging in galleries and museums for all to delight in.  Do you marvel at the work of the artist?  Does it make you wonder what they were thinking, feeling, experiencing when they did that piece of work?  Does the artist so move you that you buy their biography or a print of one of their works?  Are you inspired to paint something yourself?


How about delighting in nature?  Ever go out during a thunderstorm just for the joy of it?  Exhilarating! How about for a swim in the ocean? Gazing at a night full of stars? Getting up early in the morning to see the sunrise? Do you take delight in playing with puppies? Feeding a lamb? Walking in the woods?

How about taking delight in the awesome joy of feeling loved by someone?  Receiving a warm embrace? Gazing into the eyes of someone who truly loves you and you see that love emanating from them….and wow….its for you!

God is like that.  God loves us as individuals and takes delight in us.  We can delight in knowing He loves us.  We can delight in all His creation.  We can delight in God’s sense of humour. (There are some funny looking creatures in God’s creation!)



We can delight in feeling His loving presence. We can delight in hearing his voice when He speaks to us in our alone time with Him.  We can delight in losing ourselves in Him.  We can delight in an adjective way and in a verb way.  We can pass His love to others.  We can delight in doing good to others or following His direction in our lives.

When we delight in God, we receive the desires of our heart.  When we delight in God, our heart desires new things.  We become less shallow.  We become more grateful and joy becomes much more meaningful than simple happiness.  Happiness is the shell of the oyster, joy is the pearl.  I have heard people interpret the verse as, God will give us the desires of our heart on condition that we delight in Him.  No.  It is a natural God-placed law,  We receive the desires of our heart because we delight in Him.  By delighting in God, we are tapping into our spiritual essence, our pure selves.  Our desires are purer.  Our joy becomes deeper.  Today lets focus on delighting in God as he delights in us.  Let us experience joy and share in the delight of others.  Hope you all have a blessed day!


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