My Fire Surround Up-cycle Project

When we moved into our house it was suppose to be temporary.  We moved to quickly get my daughter into the high school of her choice and we thought we were getting a good deal.  We didn’t decorate because we planned on selling again in  1-3 years.  However, we bought the house just before the recession hit.  Needless to say, we haven’t been able to sell for the price we bought it for and have been now living here for six years.  I finally started to give in and have started to decorate.  This summer the big project has been our living room.  New paint, new carpet and due to a delay that was beyond our control in getting the carpet in, I decided to finally re-finish the fire surround.  It has been on my mind for years and after some discussion with darling husband about whether to go paint, lime finish or varnish, we decided to varnish in dark walnut to more or less match the furniture we have.

So here is the before picture; this out-dated pine:


And here is the after picture after some sweat, elbow grease and nearly some tears:


Still more projects ahead…but first a little rest.

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