Spirituality- Part 2


The Beckoning:

At the end of part 1, I gave the definition of spirituality as relating to things that we perceive without using our 5 senses or our reasoning mind. Did you take time to think about what things do we perceive that does not involve our mind or senses?  What did you come up with?  Here’s what I came up with:

Experiencing God’s Love







Visions Source



Inspiration Source


One of the spiritual senses we often experience is what I call a beckoning.  It is felt like an instinct that says, ‘Come.’ Sometimes it is felt like a gentle nudge and other times the feeling is almost overpowering. Who is it that beckons us? I believe first of all it is The Divine Spirit or God who beckons us.  We are loved by the greatest spirit of all with such an intensity that He will never cease to beckon us. God wants to spend time with us.  God wants to show us many things.  God wants to serve us.  God wants us to serve Him by serving humanity and all living creatures.  Those of us who are parents will understand something about this love.  If we had all the power to make our children happy and to give them divine perfect direction on how to carry out their lives and if we could all give them all they needed to inspire them and to encourage them to love all living creatures and to be the best they could be, wouldn’t we be trying to spend every second we could with them to ensure this?  God wants us to be the best we could be and to have joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.  He doesn’t want us to be what we are not.  He only wants us to discover our true selves and to enrich and grow our spirit as many times as we would let Him.  However, God is also a gentleman in one way.  He doesn’t push us, he lovingly beckons and allows us to choose to walk in the direction he is leading us. The Reverend Ed Bacon said, “(spirituality) Is the experience of feeling unconditionally loved so powerfully that you know there is some power greater than you are loving you.  It’s filling you so much that you want to love other people.”  If you cannot think of God in the personified sense and by that I mean as a supreme, loving, thinking being but you prefer to think of God as a powerful force than feel free to do so.  I still believe that even a great powerful force is beckoning to us and that force is also within us.  We have a soul and a spirit.  Our spirit exists in a sense on two planes.  The earthly plane while it resides in our earthly body and a heavenly or spiritual plane as well.  Please don’t misunderstand this to mean that I mean it literally but there is a connection that our spirit has with the spiritual realm, our mind and body don’t perceive this realm but our spirit is connected with it. Someone else is also beckoning us. It is our own spirit who is connected to God and desires a greater connection to God.  Our spirit is also desiring that our mind(soul) and body connect deeper with God. What we are really desiring is a whole connection with God.  In Genesis 2:7 God breathed into his (man) nostrils the breath of lives; and man became a living soul.  Watchman Nee explains it this way:

Of these three elements the spirit is the noblest for it joins with God.

The body is the lowest for it contacts with matter. The soul lying between them joins the two together and also takes their character to be its own.

The soul makes it possible for the spirit and the body to communicate and to cooperate. The work of the soul is to keep these two in their proper order so that they may not lose their right relationship —namely, that the lowest, the body, may be subjected to the spirit, and that the highest, the spirit, may govern the body through the soul. Man’s prime factor is definitely the soul. It looks to the spirit to give what the latter has received from the Holy Spirit (God)….

So our spirit has a connection with the divine spirit or God and our soul look to our own spirit as our reference point to God.

What is inspiration?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. In the literal sense the word means ‘an act of inhaling’. From the Latin inspirare “inspire, inflame, blow into.” The Latin spiritus means breath and spirit.  So you can say that the word inspire means to inhale spirit. So besides our spirit or God’s spirit beckoning us, our spirit is also quickened when it is inspired.  When we look at the night sky full of stars or hear profoundly beautiful music, our spirit reacts to it and we gasp or catch our breath and if we allow ourselves, we bask in the divine presence of God.  When we do, we then feel motivated to some kind of action to paint a picture or write a poem or story or reach out in love to someone.

Inspiration is a divine force that motivates us to action often in a way that expresses something of our true nature.  We can also be inspired to change our lives in some big way.  Job 32:8, “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

However, if you are reading this than the first thing you want is to begin your spiritual awakening.


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