Finding Beauty at The Great Missenden Craft Fair

On Sunday, Jim, Jadzia and I went to the craft fair at Great Missenden.  We were a bit disappointed in the size as there were very few exhibits unlike other times we have went.  However there were a couple of exhibits that really stood out.

The first one I would like to talk about was called The Woodland Chorus.  It was a large music box with a mechanical forest scenery.  I took some pictures but they don’t really do it justice.  There was a spider that went up and down his string, and moving butterflies, birds and other forest creatures.




There was a real leaf jewellery maker that had some exquisite pendants and brooches with real leaves electroplated in silver, gold or copper. He doesn’t have a website but there are websites of similar jewellery makers you can find.

Real Oak leaf iridescent copper pendant necklace with 18" gold plated curb chain

However, the main exhibit we really loved was of a local wildlife photographer.  His name is Tom Way and his pictures were beautiful and Tom himself was engaging and interesting to talk to.  He explained that he hadn’t studied photography in university or anywhere else but is completely self taught.  He has only been doing this line of work for two years when he followed his spirit by quitting his job to pursue this new career full time.  Although he has only been doing this for two years, he is very talented.  We bought a couple of prints one of a kingfisher and one of barn owl peaking from behind a hay stack.  I won’t show you do to copyright but you can find them along with other photos he took on his web site  They really are gorgeous and we will be buying some more from him as soon as our decorating is done….more on that on future blog post.


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