Book Review: Decorating With Style by Abigail Ahern


This is an absolutely beautiful book. Gorgeous for keeping on a coffee table although not as big as many coffee table books. The pictures are stunning with many showing Abigail Ahern’s signature deep blue-y shades and quirky sense of fun. Abigail helps you discover your interior style then explains how to maximise your space. She then gives tips on colour, pattern and texture.  Loads more tips are then given for everything from wall displays to lighting and types of paint finishes. She then throws in some craft ideas for the home and if that isn’t enough she also gives a list of design shops (and internet sites) around the world that she loves and recommends. So lots of basics for beginners and a wealth of practical information and inspiration for everyone.  I have had this book for two weeks now and I still keep looking and reading.  The pictures take me away. My advice? Buy the book but don’t read at bedtime! You will be too excited by all the inspirational ideas you get, you won’t be able to sleep. You can view more of her images on her blog


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