Creativity- Thinking Outside The Box

How are you getting along with your creative endeavours? Are you still exploring, trying different things or have you honed in on one craft that you’ve fallen in love with?

As I have mentioned before, creativity is a way of prayer. You are giving birth to your spirit., experiencing joy in creating something of yourself. You are also learning something about yourself. Time to explore a bit more and truly give of your spirit to your craft.  How do we do this? By choosing to try something different -something no one has ever done before. Below is a picture I found in a magazine of some flooring that was laid out like a piece of art.   This floor artist thought outside the box.  By mixing wood and tile, the artist has created an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind floor that must have thrilled the owners and gotten admiring comments from visitors.


In the hit show Ready, Steady, Cook (Ready, Set, Cook in the U.S), contestants collected a few odd assortments of food and challenged a cook to create recipes with these few ingredients.  This can be a fun thing to try at home when you are low on ingredients.  Do this when you are not stress and make sure you have fun with it.


You can always order take out if it is a real disaster. If you really want to give yourself a challenge, get your kids involved by asking them to choose five ingredients from the kitchen for you to create tonight’s dinner. (No cheating! Box Macaroni and Cheese is not an ingredient).  I once made plantain (platano) bread instead of banana bread when I had an abundance of plantain.  It came out alright–a bit different but we all enjoyed it. Another thing I like to do is combine recipes.  Maybe I like one aspect of one recipe but another aspect of another recipe so I combine it.  I once was missing an ingredient in my chocolate chunk cookie recipe that I make every year for Christmas.  I substituted this ingredient for something else and the result was so AMAZING!  I hate to brag but it is the BEST chocolate chunk cookies ever.  So good, I am keep what I did a secret, so don’t even ask! Another way of combining recipes is using sauces from one recipe to go with another.  It is now a favourite of mine to make oatmeal pancakes with apples and raisin sauce to go on top Mmmm-mmm!


Have you been working  on more than one type of craft?  Try combining the two!  For instance you can combine quilting with ribbon embroidery,


up-cycle a piece of furniture with paint and mosaic


or stencil and decoupage.


You can knit something pretty and then add applique or beads.


Perhaps your thing is flower arrangement…can you think outside the box and make an arrangement that is truly one-of-a-kind?  Here are some images to inspire you!





flower shoes


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