Getting To Know Your Interior Design Style

So you have just bought a new house or perhaps you have moved out of your parents and you now have your own place.  The place you are now in is a blank canvas waiting for you to turn into a place that is a true reflection of you, a place that feels like home. You look around and you feel a bit overwhelmed by the task.  Where do you begin? Today I would like to share ways on how you can get to know your interior Design style.  Getting to know what you truly love in way of colours, textures and styles is the first step in launching your creativity to help you finally begin styling your home.

Step 1: Collecting images

Begin by getting your hands on some good interior design magazines such as World Of Interiors, Homes and Gardens, House and Garden, Elle Decorating or anything that grabs you.  Take the time to go through each magazine at a leisurely level.  It helps if you are free from distraction and in a positive state of mind.  After you have gotten all that you can from the articles in the magazines, grab a stanley knife or a pair of scissors and begin cutting out images of anything that catches your eye.  You make find you cut out a picture for its texture or its colour or the style of the piece.  Sometimes you may not even know why you like something but this is all about getting to know what you do like.

Step 2: Organizing images

For the next step you will need a loose leaf binder, dividers and some clear plastic punched pockets.

Binder                              012

Label the dividers by type of room. For example: living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, office or whatever rooms you have.

Start putting your pictures in the punched pockets.  If some of the pictures are small you can tape them onto a sheet of paper before putting them in the pocket. Put the pockets in the binder according to the room section it belongs to. After a while, you will begin to have some ideas as to what you like.

Step 3: Seeing outside the box

Now you are going to look at images that may have nothing to do with interiors. Look through fashion magazines, art magazines, National Geographics, cooking magazines, gardening magazines; just about any magazine you can get a hold of.  You may even want to look at images on line.  Begin cutting out or printing images of anything that looks beautiful to you.  These images are going to be something that resonates with your spirit.  It can be the bark of a tree, a gorgeous blouse, the feathers of a bird, an impressionist painting.  You are looking for textures, colours, shapes and styles of images that appeal to you in view of replicating them in your home.  Tip: If printing images from your pc, use good quality high definition printer paper.

Step 4: Creating your Interior Design Theme

You are now going to make a collage with some of your chosen images.  You will need an A2 or A3 size sturdy piece of mount board for this next step and some mount spray or glue. Begin refining your chosen images to fit on the board.  You may not want to use all the images so discard some of them and only use your favourites.  Another variation will be to group the images by theme.  You may want to make more than one board for different colours or rooms. Try and display the pictures in a way that best appeals to you.  When you are sure what images you are using and where you are placing them, begin to permanently place them on the board with spray glue. You should now have a montage of images that reflect your interior design style.  What have you learned from this project? How do the images make you feel?  Are you surprised by the outcome?  I learned that some of the colours that I chose are the same colours I normally like to dress in but never thought of using those colours in my home.


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