Rocking Chair Decoupage

I thought I’d add some pictures of an up-cycling project I did not so long ago. Years ago, when I first came to England and my youngest was just two, my husband bought me a second hand rocking chair to rock her in to replace the one I left behind in New York. Over the years, this chair got a bit dull with some scratches so it needed to be refinished. Inspired by rocking chair I saw in a restaurant that had been decoupage with roses, I decided to do the same. When I mentioned this to my teenage son Brandon, he said to me, “You know mom this is just as much Brianna’s rocking chair as it is yours.” So after having a think about it, I decided it needed something of Alice in Wonderland in it as that was Brianna’s favourite story at the time. Brianna has dark hair and I found an artist depiction of Alice with dark hair. I also added a dodo and in the center of collage on top a mother and daughter picture to symbolize the two of us and the bond that we have.





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