Seeing Beauty

I was reminded last night about life’s unexpected joyful events that happen to all of us from time to time…  the birth of a baby, getting that promotion, falling in love, celebrating a wedding etc.  Then, there is the stuff in-between.  Sometimes, it seems like there is an awful lot of drudgery in-between, sometimes worse than drudgery as we experience sadness and loss.

When my daughter Brittany was still very young, she would often say to me as we went for a walk somewhere, “Look at the beauty all around!”  She wasn’t pointing out anything specifically, she was actually wanting me to notice and be aware of hidden beauty and not just the traffic.  We all have stuff to teach… any age….This was a bit of a challenge in New York City.  Nature is often hidden however we still found beauty when we looked for it.

Beauty and joy can be found not just in the visual.  I started a gratitude general and do try to write in it every night 5 things that happen that day that made me grateful or brought me joy.  Sometimes, well okay often times, it is something I ate….good food often makes me grateful.  Other times its a kind word from someone, a funny moment with my dog Leo, enjoying a new book, receiving a love letter from my husband.  I often write in my gratitude journal things that brought my children joy. There has been a few days where nothing in my journal was things that brought me joy specifically but because nice things happened to my children which makes me joyous and grateful.  I am often surprised when I thought I had a particularly bad day and I sit down with my journal and still find that actually there have been some blessings that occurred after all.

Now, when my children come home from school and I ask them how their day was and they moan and they say, “Boring!” or “It was just school…nothing great happens at school!” My response is, “Well, can you think of something that made you laugh today?”  There have been a few smiles when at least one of them did experience something that made them laugh.

Life’s unexpected joys…



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